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a go-kart powered by a Suzuki GSXR engine. So far their are the 750 gixxerkart(original) and the 1000 gixxerkart. the gokart's are basically made from shifter-kart frame's and gixxer engines and a guy with a lot of skill. yet to have been built is my brainchild, i like to call it the Busakart. yes, that's right, a 1300 cc go kart, top speed, 189 mph (with a lot of straight and a guy driving with his ass 2 inches from the ground on an uber steering responsive go-kart, it will be done, if i have to do it myself...muhaahaahahahahahamuhaha.)
that gixxerkart just drifted that big ass turn, in 6th.

Yep, it also does 0-60 in 3 sec.

and it's a clutch, God, the fun you could have...
by don August 17, 2005
to rid a toilet of it flushing water and then to deficate in to the toilet, thus a dry docker
I went to wal mart and gave them a dry docker, it was hilarious.
by Don September 27, 2003
public display of affection
When you see a couple dry humping on the dance floor,Hey!! no pdoa....get a room!!!
by Don March 04, 2005
Used by lonely, horny French beaver trappers in the American frontier to descibe a. a range of large pointy, snowcapped mountains in modern day Wyoming; b. the mountains where the trappers first took a mountain goat to wife;
"Ou la la, Pierre! I am missing my girlfriend so much. Those mountains are like her Grand Tetons!"

"Ou la la, Madame Le Goat! Give me some of your Grand Tetons!"
by Don August 05, 2004
Needing to go number 2
"I'm really pushing cotton here, I must find a bathroom right now."
by Don November 30, 2003
small snappy legs, usualy on someone with a large upper body similar to a funnel
nice legs you turkey
by don May 31, 2004
To smack someone on the forhead with a semi-erect penis. Usually a degrading process. Sometimes seen in crappy porn films as well.

Can also be refered to as the Peter Frampton.
Damn thats some crappy service, so I told the guy in the drive-thru framp you.
by Don November 16, 2004

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