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or mingeing == moaning,complaining
he's always minging about this and that
by don June 16, 2003
A term used in the 1970s & 80s for bi-sexual.
"Is he gay?" "No, He is ac/dc"
by Don August 06, 2004
A term used to describe the bounty left by the anus through defication.
"Here I sit, same as ever,
took a dump, pulled the lever.
The toilet clogged...the water flowed,
look out world, it's a motherload."
by Don January 16, 2003
A detergent, used to wash hogs.
"Honey, run down to the feed store and get some hogwash"
by Don August 06, 2004
the university of san francisco is the best high school on the west coast. you know you go to usf when: you pay as much for a degree at stanford, but no one has ever heard of your school; people constantly ask if you're a med student; you've fallen down stairs on your way to class; you can price coc, weed, shrooms, and e by asking your r.a; you've had sex in one of the following places: the lounge of any dorm, the butt hut, the library, the gym--koret or memorial, roof of any building on campus, the guardshack, or your dorm room while your roommate was still there; you've frequented all the geary bars before the age of 21; you've been to castro on halloween once, and never went back; you don't even have a college football team, and all the other teams suck.
I have a liberal arts education from usf.
by don March 26, 2005
Quite possably the most over priced shit tasting beer, EVER!
This corona sucks major ass for $9 a sixer.
by Don February 26, 2005
two in the pink, one in the stick
seriosly its fucking disgusting
by DOn March 28, 2005

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