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A child who is conceived because there was nothing good on TV that night and the parents were bored.
I don't have cable- so my first son is a Boob Tube Baby I blame it on the show "Charles in Charge". My second son was a sponge failure.
by DOTK November 28, 2012
The act of screwing somebody until they die from it. Alternatively, the most enjoyable form of suicide if your goal is to screw until you die.
My husband has been gone on that business trip for so long that when he returns, I'm going to commit justifiable screwicide.
by DOTK February 10, 2009
The idea that government exists to spend money and/or solve all problems of people, businesses or groups by spending money.
President Obama has really expanded Givernment spending.

I'm waiting for my givernment check to come so that I can score me some sweet crack.
by DOTK June 10, 2009
A person who has a girlfriend/boyfriend in prison or jail for an extended period of time- has a shack-in-the-box.
My mom is spending all weekend at the jail visiting her shack-in-the-box.
by DOTK May 22, 2009
Name for a person who is not quite a relative- but is living with your relative. For example, when sombody's daughter is living with your son- she is your shack-in-law.
I do not like my shack-in-law, and think my son can do better than that.
by DOTK May 22, 2009
If a person who is usually mean the entire month, suddenly is nice for a few days and then goes back to being mean- they may have Reverse PMS.
Danny: "I was walking down the street and Brenda actually spoke and said hello to me. It sort of freaked me out."

John: "Don't worry, it is just Reverse PMS, she'll go back to being herself in just a few days."
by DOTK December 14, 2011
A person who will continue to party no mater what obstacles get in the way. The opposite of a party pooper.
Despite massive rains, high cover charges and impending doom, Jimmy continued to look for the next party. He's a real party trooper.
by dotk May 04, 2010
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