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A situation or object that is full of froth. Usually refering to a messed up report in a GLP enviornment.
Dude, that report is just frothed.
The SOP from the Dogg, is frothed.
by Dogg March 16, 2005
A Beast ass animal that is ghetto and has cornrows and be a wanksta. A beast ass homie that rules ass.
My Mokele-Mbembe is a bit large.
by DOGG April 17, 2003
A song written and sung by Outlandish. Many a people think gellieman wrote it, but he didn't
Aicha sung by Outlandish
by dogg March 13, 2005
The act of saying thank you to someone with the last name of Wu.
Hey Tim, I just wanted to say wu-tanks.
by Dogg March 17, 2005
A jedi master.
Master Choda looks good in khaki.
by dogg December 29, 2003
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