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Synonym for ok, k, etc.

gN eL siSA: kkz
A: Let's go out
B: kkz.
by dmo February 16, 2005
(adj) Very slutty, someone exhibiting slut-like behavior
That slutatious girl is hitting on another guy
by dmo January 07, 2005
the biggest part of Yusef's body... his ASS!!!!!
Yusef has a huge teezo!!!!
by Dmo November 30, 2004
Original AMD Athlon 64 core. This was found on both the Socket 754 and Socket 939 interfaces. The Clawhammer core featured 1 MB of L2 cache and ran a 800MHz Hypertransport bus. Furthermore, the Clawhammer was based on the 130nm manufacturing process. These processors ran roughly 20 - 30% faster than the Athlon XP Bartons at the same clock frequency.

Do not confuse the Clawhammer with the newer Newcastle core which is also on the Socket 754/939 but features only 512KB of L2 cache. The Clawhammer core was the original Athlon 64 and is the core for the Athlon FX series (53, 55).
Today I bought a Athlon 64 based on the Clawhammer core and it ripped apart the Intel Pentium 4 in all benchmarks.
by dmo April 24, 2005
A person who should keep there bitch-ass in New York, because people in Tampa don't want your sorry yankee trash down south.
deahenle can suck a ****
by DMo October 16, 2003
a person who is farting alot.
(farting sound) Damn, You can call me gaseous clay
by DMo June 23, 2003
a zergling (starcraft unit)

Zerglings are like slaves, so a suitable synonymn would be niggaling
I rushed him with niggalings and destroyed his base
by dmo January 27, 2005
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