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A big piece of shit like Yusef!!!!
Yusef is a big piece of hudda!
by Dmo November 30, 2004
the highest level of unacceptability; very bad.
Ay dogg! Did you see that hulk movie? Man, that shit was PEAK!!!!!
by DMo June 23, 2003
a stereotypical black ghetto female, who has several children from several different men. Very loud and obnoxious. Spends more money on her hair and nails than on her bastard children.
Often heard screaming " Oh no he didn't !!!!"
That negra smells, and so do her children.
by DMo June 23, 2003
A specific core for the Athlon 64 processor.

AMD released a cheaper core for the Athlon 64 right after the initial debut of the processor. The Newcastle core came in both the Socket 754 and 939 interfaces. It featured 512 KB of L2 cache as opposed to 1 MB on the Clawhammer core.

The Newcastles on the Socket 754 platform ran at 800MHz Hypertransport frequency while the Socket 939 ones ran at 1000 MHz Hypertransport frequency.

Athlon 64s
Newcastle (754): 2800+, 3000+, 3200+, 3300+ (L2 = 256 KB), 3400+
Newcastle (939): 3000+, 3200+, 3400+, 3500+, 3800+

AMD phased out its Socket 754 platform and so Newcastles are the last of Socket 754. Socket 754 will only continue for Semprons (budget level). Socket 939 Newcastles are replaced by Winchester/Venice core CPUs which feature 90nm manufacturing (and SSE3 in Venice).
I bought a Newcastle instead of a Clawhammer today because Clawhammers were being phased out on Socket 754.

My Newcastle 3200+ rapes an Intel P4 3.2 GHz anyday.
by dmo April 24, 2005
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