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6 definitions by DMW576

a synonymous term for "shmee". A domesticated feline pet.
Get the shmee, he is one big hairy furrble!
by DMW576 September 20, 2007
229 50
1. a domesticated canine pet.
2. a canine of ANY species.
If lini does not stop barking, I will seriously punk him out.
by DMW576 July 15, 2006
200 35
1. a common domesticated feline pet.
2. a feline of ANY species.
That is one big furry shmee over there.
by DMW576 July 15, 2006
237 77
A formal title given to the feminine form of lini, (see definition of LINI) , which is lina. The title of La-Kaa is held by she who has the softest butt and is the head bitch in charge...The HBIC.
Oh vehement La-kaa! Bring unto me the soft-butt.
by DMW576 November 16, 2007
175 17
1. Anything of, related, or pertaining to a furrble (see definition of FURRBLE).

2. A fictitous shampoo developed for shmees (see definition of SHMEE) using rigorous scientific methods, only the finest quality botanicals, and a sacred ingredient. A spin-off of Herbal Essence, but for shmees.
"Hey honey, while you are at the store, can you pick up another bottle of Furrble Essence for our resident shmee? Her furry ass is a little flakey. And don't be cheap for Christ's sake, get the commercial grade 60 oz. bottle!"
by DMW576 January 06, 2008
161 15
1. Appropriately pronounced by intelligent Northerners as "Paraphernalia".
2. A Southern Hick's pronunciation of any item that suppliments the use of illegal susbstances. These susbstances are often drug enhancements injected into dogs, chickens, horses, or any farm-cultured beast for the sole purpose of gambling.
Bucky and his daddy are drunk driving again..."Diddy, I recon the laws back there behind you again, that's the third time since supper, throw the hooch out the window now!" "Bucky, looky here son, you best tuck that there payafanaya back yonder before the law man sees it. I ain't gett'in locked up again for no cock-fight'in!"
by DMW576 January 19, 2008
167 33