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(N.) The biggest nerd that you know.
Elsie stayed up studying all last night, even though the test is next Tuesday. She is truly a Nerdasaurus Rex.
by DMS May 25, 2005
An expression used to indicate the level of someone's anger.
Sheila is really pissed today. Her rage gauge must be redlining.
by DMS April 05, 2005
(expression, slang)
An insulting way to describe someone who has rounded, underdeveloped features and looks like . . . a fetus.

This expression is typically and most accurately used to describe people who come from generations of poverty, such as white trash.
Billy-Bob's dad may have not left him with much -- but he sure gave him a mean case of the fetal face.
by DMS April 06, 2005
Something that is given to a person under the guise of beneficence, but is actually quite unpleasant.
"Geoff gave me a poosicle of a birthday present this year: the latest Britney Spears album."
by DMS April 08, 2005
(Noun) Name for the female genital zone.
As in "That chick diddled her daddle."
Or, "Mary likes to diddle with her daddle all the diddle-long day"
by DMS March 14, 2005
Name given to a tall, lanky teenager who is able to run quickly after insulting people. Given to frequent outbursts and ramblings.
There goes Jonny, scurrying away like a little mousetrap.
by DMS April 05, 2005

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