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generally bad
aww man
Aww poosicle. I didn't want that to happen!!
by KrystineIsAndreTheGiant October 09, 2007
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This is where you bang somebody with your poo.

This is how it goes: take a dump - it can't be any poop it has to be a fairly firm, but still slightly moist - poo that can be worked like clay.

Shape it into a poo-dink complete with a fluted mushroom-head.

Carefully wrap it with plastic wrap or silicone paper (used for baking) and throw it into the freezer until it freezes solid.

When it's ready, and so is your partner, take it from the freezer, peel back the Saran Wrap or silicone paper so that you're holding the base of it, and have unwrapped it kind of like you're holding a churro or some other similar kind of food. Now bang your partner with it, and enjoy it slowly melting and falling apart inside her/him as your bring her/him to gooey multiple poogasms.
I poosicle'd her last night. She loved it!
by Chris Chin August 07, 2007
Something that is given to a person under the guise of beneficence, but is actually quite unpleasant.
"Geoff gave me a poosicle of a birthday present this year: the latest Britney Spears album."
by DMS April 08, 2005

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