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What happens to your 2007 or newer Toyota if you decide you want to keep your floor mats.
Chevy driver: "Middle manager, why weren't you at work last week?"

Toyota driver: "Not that it's any of your biznatch, cube dweller, but I was at the hospital because I crashed into a tree at 114 miles per hour. My whole family died a fiery death."

Chevy driver: "Sorry to hear that, middle manager. You really got toyotalled".
by DMD0cal February 04, 2010
Substituting the letter 'z' for an 's' in marketing, or more commonly, rap, to try to sound ultra, only the word is actually pronounced with an ssss and not a zzzz phonetically.

Synonym: Zpelling
"Did you see that sign that said Krazy Katz? That is some bad-azz zubstitution.
by DMD0cal February 04, 2010
The overloading of personal items brought in by "that" co-worker in the cube farm that insists on reliving childhood show and tell - pictures, "thoughts of the day", bobbleheads, inspirational day-by-day calendars, and hideous paraphenilia. Frequently includes cats and grandchildren in precarious outfits.
"Whoa. Did you see what Mrs. Baglady brought in this time? How does she even find her file folders? Are those cats kissing? Ugh. Cube vomit"
by DMD0cal February 04, 2010
A meeting right after another meeting. Used in corporate hell to describe those particularly fun-filled Mondays after the "reports" come out when you are stuck in one meeting right after another, usually without room for a pee break or coffee refill in between.
Joe: "How's your day going today?"

Jack: "Horrible. I have AMRAAM today, and don't know how I'll get through it"
by DMD0cal March 11, 2010
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