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An evil force brought to life by the dark powers of the Necronomicon. It is comprised of an army of skeletons, and the leader (Bad Ash). They are eventually stopped by Ash, a worker of S-Mart (Housewares division).
Top notch B-movie, one everybody must see.
See also Bruce Campbell for more info.
"D00d, joo got teh ARMEE UV DARKNSS special edition! Pwn!"
by DJ Chronos November 16, 2003
A large, mobile suit of tank-like armor. A pilot is inside of the Mech, or Mecha in some cases. Heavily armed, with weapons such as blaster, photon cannons, LRM's, SRM's, and Railguns. Many a game has been made off of the theory of a Mech, and the military is no doubt working on a prototype Mech as I type this.
"MechWarrior 4! Pwn!"
by DJ Chronos November 16, 2003
The absolute best band, they are most commonly defined as INDUSTRIAL METAL. Their current album is okay, but nothing can ever beat their original ones. The songs range in style, while almsot every song has a very dark undertone, and incredibly well written lyrics. They touch on things that other bands dont, and do an absolutely incredible job of it.
DJ Chronos loves Stabbing Westward very very much.
"The song 'Guilty' is NOT by Stabbing Westward, but is by Gravity Kills."
by DJ Chronos November 15, 2003
Pronsex is the type of material that creatures such as Jemoses (see definition elsewhere on site) peruse in their spare time. It is usually of sexual content, and may or may not include cattle. Variations include, but are not limited to:
"Wow, Jemoses, that is some good Pronsex"
by DJ Chronos November 12, 2003
Any form of annoying little man that likes to steal your pants, and swim to Tokyo
"Hi, Jemoses"
by DJ Chronos September 27, 2003
Contrary to rumors that were spread by Jemoses fans, it is indeed a type of creature. Confirmed reports indicate it is an elf-like appaition, with no nose, and 4 arms. It weilds two katanas, albeit crappily. These creatures are not dangerous, they just pretend to be. If you see one, capture it, and sell it on ebay
"Oh look, a Jemoses"
by DJ Chronos November 12, 2003
Some guy who has added an entry or two to urbandictionary.com
"Hmm, lets add that guy! 'XiTatiON'!
by DJ Chronos November 16, 2003
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