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An overweight person.
Comes from the two words; flubber and gully.
The person has outward gullies of flubber.
Gullies meaning farrows/ditches.
"Hey, did you see her Dad? Right flubbagully!"
by DemonsCrown September 23, 2005
The word for when your head hair falls down the back of your trousers and collects in your pants.
Sometimes remains as loose hair, sometimes tangles into a coarse matt of hair, therefore, scourer.
May only be apparent with people with long hair?
DEMoNSCRoWN: Heyo, can you give me a minute to pull out this scourer from my lush crack?
AMY: Eww shank.
DEMoNSRoWN: Hell no! It feels so damn good pulling that string out ma asscheeks. You just feel it slipping out from where it's tangled in ma goodies!
by DEMoNSCRoWN September 26, 2005
An anonymous, unbiased grunt. Not a statement but proving you’re still listening.
CHARLOTTE: I heard they're closing the shop down on the green.
ELAINE: Meh, it sucked, it always smelt like festering cheese.
by DemonsCrown September 23, 2005
Someone you really like, yet you know are scank, yet strangely, addictively shaggable!

Made of two words - scank and shag.
Shank = Scank/Shag
AMY: Yo, dat guy is just gross!
DEMoNSCRoWN: Hey, I think he's fit!
AMY: Ya wot?
DEMoNSCROWN: He's shank!
by DEMoNSCRoWN September 26, 2005
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