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59 definitions by DC

In Washington DC it used to be a term for a teenager's child. A single, projects living, fatherless type scenario.
Here she comes walking from the projects with all her baybay kids in tow.

Shawonda is in the 10th. grade and she already has 2 baybays.
by DC April 18, 2005
The beer bus is the bus that mysteriously comes to a bar late in the evening while you're in the bathroom and drops off a busload of sexy girls and takes away all the ugly girls.
After 10 beers Dave staggered back from the bathroom and declared that every girl in the bar was a fox. The beer bus had arrived!
by DC July 07, 2004
Shortening of 'Chronic', street slang for very strong skunk marijuana - Often heard used on South London housing estates.
"Blud, you need to go and link with Redeye. He's got some heavy CHRO!"
by DC December 10, 2004
An expression of positive agreement, endorsement, or enthusiasm. Comes from the expression right on.
Person 1: We're going to see Team America tonight!
Person 2: Right arm!
by DC October 18, 2004
a true raider hater is a true football lover and a person who recognizes the fact that just because a team is silver and black doesnt make a person a gangsta or tough.... GO BOLTS
by DC August 31, 2003
Asbury Park New Jersey
Lets get some burners and hit dark city.
by DC February 28, 2005
A man who acts too gay to actually be gay.(There is gay, and there is Hollywood gay). He pretends to be gay so he can touch attractive women without them getting angry. Usually too ugly to get women by conventional means, and very affectionate around women.
A pseudo-fag copped a feel on my girlfriend.
by DC December 07, 2003