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3 definitions by DAGGUN

A collection of liquor, or other stash(bongs, pipes, drugs etc...) in a certain location, under the bed, in a duffle-bag...
"Hey man what's in that backpack getting white knuckles from clutching that thing" "It's holding my Wizz gear"

"Are you bringing your Wizz gear to the party?"
by DAGGUN October 22, 2008
43 4
When playing a videogame against a powerhouse. Pronounced da-gun (the gun)
OMG I was playing Halo 3 against a very good player, he was DAGGUN!
by Daggun December 05, 2007
8 1
Representing a penis during a IM conversation or text message
I accidently saw your *erm* 8=)=)=)= -

by Daggun December 04, 2007
3 0