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(Krade-zeez) A Disease which is a mix between Rabies, AIDS, and Cancer. A more deadly version of Craidses is Craidses poisoning which is Rabies, Cancer, AIDS, and Radiation Poisoning. Symptoms of Craidses is loss of hair and teeth, hallucinations, loss of bowel control, listening to the band Creed, dementia, change in eye color, kidney failure, liver failure, and vomiting.
Dude, Allen got Craidses yesterday." "Oh my god, really?" "Yeah" "Man...... Do you think he would care now that I boned Becca?
by D3M0N1Z3R87 February 10, 2011
Items you need that you are going to get at a store or some other place of business.
Dude where are you going? I'm going to the store to get some requiregets
by D3M0N1Z3R87 February 10, 2011
(God damn fucking snipers, this is horse shit!)
A term usually said when one is playing Call of Duty and continually gets snipped
"Tim was G.D.F.S.T.I.H.S! all night dude. I think he broke his TV.
by D3M0N1Z3R87 February 10, 2011

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