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37 definitions by D. Ferrel

The form a body takes when riding a skate board at full speed and hitting a rock.
Friend 1: Did you hear what happened to Spider?

Friend 2: nah what haffened (notice he took flight once and lost his front teeth, thus the ff's and not the pp's)

Friend 1: he was riding his board down a hill and hit a rock!

Friend 2: dayum...did his asth take fwight

Friend 1: yeah fool...like 40 or 50 ft.
by D. Ferrel September 24, 2003
The stance or posture taken by a fat person when you try and take food from their plate.
"I tried to bum a fry from JoJo's plate and that fool struck a "twinkie defense"."
by D. Ferrel September 24, 2003