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10 definitions by D-rock

Though short for "child molester," chimo is often used to describe high school seniors dating high school freshman.
"Man, did you see Matt with that frosh Carla? He is such a chimo."
by D-Rock October 03, 2003
366 219
When a person takes a joke to far.

One who beats a joke to death.
Kyle you killed the joke, your such a joke assassin
by D-Rock April 06, 2004
63 21
Comes from an area of New York called Pine Bush. It stands for
-Tractor Riders
Yo that nigga tried to fuck wit T.C.T.
but that nigga got a cap busted in his ass.
by D-rock June 03, 2004
16 8
A huge dinosaur that inhabits the upstate New York region. This animal is characterized by awkward movement, strange twitching of the extremities, and an ususually large cranium; often seen moving his lips in an erratic manner for no apparent reasons and sweats in locations thought impossible to sweat from before his time. Has a tendency for the same gender
Guy 1:"Man, your such a steg"
Guy 2: "No I'm not, I actually have some rhythm and I like chicks, dude"
by D-rock June 04, 2004
25 20
fine ass asian chick
dropped by the spot, peepin grand china everywhere
by D-Rock December 15, 2004
6 3
re-DIC-ulous in a larger, giant-rubber-phallic way. See also recockulatory
oh my god, Kobe's dunk was redongculous!!
by D-Rock December 03, 2004
5 7
the second part of the richmond virginia rock band name; jimmee janksta
I saw Jimmee Janksta play the other night and let me say that they are the best damn band I have ever seen!
by d-rock January 03, 2004
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