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Though short for "child molester," chimo is often used to describe high school seniors dating high school freshman.
"Man, did you see Matt with that frosh Carla? He is such a chimo."
by D-Rock October 03, 2003
An Inuit word meaning "Are you friendly?" On the Artic tundra when two people met one would rub his chest and say "chimo". The reply was to rub your chest and repeat "chimo". It was also used as an exclusive Canadian greeting around the time of the Centennial.
Chimo eh. How's it going. Let's get some Kraft Dinner and play hockey eh?
by The Chimp September 18, 2005
A molestor of children.
Dude, look at that chi mo in the van, he's totally got his eye on that playground.
by Clean Shaven March 05, 2004
The expression Ben Harrison uses to say goodbye/see ya on Naturally, Sadie.
Ben: Chimo!
Sadie: (laughs) See ya!
by #1 Ben Harrison Fan July 03, 2007
its like an old way of saying aloha(hello or goodbye)
girls:(giggles)wat does chimo mean?
by Chimo May 07, 2006
A child molester-esque' person who gives off a creepy and/or negetive vibe.
Mr. Chandler is an utter chi-mo.

Mr. Chandler has a four year degree in chi-mology.

When I look at Mr. Chandler, I want to throw my arms in the air and shout, "RUN! CHI-RANOSAURUSREX!"
by Kellixlovesxhugs November 10, 2006
Short for child molester. A sketchy character. Usually charactereized by thin mustaches, clammy hands, and the ownership of a van turned into an ice cream businesss on wheels.
Did you see that guy in the Red Astro van? What a creepy looking chimo, he was totally checking you out.
by Barney the Carney June 09, 2006
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