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A hot ass bitch that is surprisingly slutty and smells like garbage.
I was at this party last night and this fine ass bitch was rubbing on my junk. It turns out she was a dumpster bunny and let me ram it in her ass.
by D-Lyrix February 17, 2010
A dirty girl who likes to fornicate. She can be hot, but still disgusting.
That toilet pony asked me to terd on her when I beat it.
by D-Lyrix February 16, 2010
A dirty girl, a girl who sleeps around.
Me and my boy both smashed that mopbucket.
by D-Lyrix February 16, 2010
The mess left behind from a tard after putting his hands in poo.
Check out this tard stain on the short bus window.
by D-Lyrix February 16, 2010
A fart ripped off that travels around an un pooed terd and picks up the scent.
You smell that? That's a terd cutter.
by D-Lyrix February 19, 2010

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