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Reaming a chick from behind (doggy-style) and then rimming her asshole with your finger with which you run it (fecal matter and all) under her nose as to make a moustache with.
My bitch was pissed when I gave her a dirty sanchez last night.
by D Sanchez April 30, 2003
When you are fuckin a chick or jacking off your shit and your mom knocks on your door. Then she walks in without waiting for you to answer.
John screamed, "I'ts not what it looks like!" , but alas it was too late.
by D sanchez May 18, 2004
when a girls pussy is so dry it feels like her lips are hard and chewy just like a slab of stale beef jerky.
Michele's jerky lips are so dry that the crabs have to ride around in dune buggys.
by D sanchez May 18, 2004
a male member that is mammoth in both girth and length.
her pussy gotbeaten to death by that cock monstrosity!!
by D Sanchez March 23, 2005
When you know that your girlfriend is cheating on you and you can't figure out with who. That sinister fiend is known as the mystery man.
When I find out who it is, I'm gonna choke that bitch and her fucking mystery man.
by D sanchez May 18, 2004
When you are making out with your girlfriend and you taste another guys dick on her lips. This also includes when you go down on the girl.
Madisen came over to kiss me and I almost choked on the second-hand sausage.
by D sanchez May 18, 2004
When a person talks to themself when he or she is masturbating, even though nobody else is in the room.
*ooh you like that, you're a big boy aren't you?, etc.*
by D sanchez May 18, 2004
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