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10 definitions by Cyn

nonsense or go nowhere conversation, specifically conversations where all parties are loaded.
"I was drunk at a club last night talking codshit to a guy from the UK"
by Cyn December 01, 2004
35 11

A sexual climax induced by citrus fruits, especially oranges.
And in the high point of fucking an orange, a male usually experiences a paifjpaetji, resulting in the instant ejaculation of seminal fluids.
by Cyn November 09, 2003
11 1
to have casual sex
"I invited my friend over to watch movies and trade junk."
by cyn January 26, 2003
10 2
Using a playground as a metaphor for the sexual arena, this syndrome afflicts females that have become socially invisible to men in certain circles because they have been taken for a "ride" by all.
"See that chick?"
"I saw that chick - been there, done that."
"Me too"
by Cyn March 18, 2004
10 3
The catch-22 of Fear-fucking and Sexual Bulimia.
Sexual behaviour that insults the term "Slut."
Ashley has had five abortions in one year. She is not a booty-call, she has descended into the park of the Merry-Go-Pound which makes her as exclusive as a public restroom, this has led to the see-saw syndrome.
by Cyn March 18, 2004
6 6
Not marriage material
Persons who have been riding the Merry-go-pound for too long and have developed the See-saw-syndrome.
by Cyn March 18, 2004
5 6
A person, usually female, who uses sex as a means to justify their existence. The result being a temporary alleviation of the fear of invisibility.
Sexual bulimia
"It's not that Jenny is a slut, per se, she's a FEARFUCKER. She thinks that getting reamed by any stranger qualifies her as a 'Hottie'"
by Cyn March 18, 2004
11 12