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3 definitions by Cyclops

He thinks he's a hot shot because he has ademantium claws, and he won't stop macking on my girlfrend, Phoenix. I swear if I catch that son of a bitch with my girl again, I'll laser-fry his sorry ass so bad he'll have a hard time healing himself.

And by the way, his name is Logan.
That bastard still owes me for wrecking my car with his claws.
by Cyclops August 11, 2003
472 197
Any music that is offensively loud with an excessive boom to it. Most generally played in a lac or Lincoln Clowncar rollin' roun' town wid a boomin system.
Son you are not a wigger, so please turn down that flatnose music.
by Cyclops March 30, 2005
6 2
Will Smith's wife and favorite lyric.
HA HA Yo Jada.. Any break in any Will Smith song
by Cyclops March 31, 2005
99 139