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A word used to describe what girls think are anything cute, sweet, sad, good or bad.
Tommy: I miss you
Cindy: Aww...
by Cyber Ghost March 21, 2004
someone who has never been crammed up the ass before.
Raf is not back door virgin after being in jail with Bubba for 5 years.
by Cyber Ghost March 29, 2004
A place on Eastern Long Island where alot of rich people live. The Hamptons inculde: East Hampton, Westhampton, Southampton and Hampton Bays. Usually every celebrity has a house in the Hamptons and visits there in the summer time.
Let's go out to the Hamptons!
by Cyber Ghost March 21, 2004
The middle of march. It was used in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar.
The Ides of March are approaching.
by Cyber Ghost March 19, 2004
A city in Texas.
Lets take a trip to Austin, TX
by Cyber Ghost March 19, 2004
When somebody messes with you and you decided to get em back.
The Hoods fucked with us pretty good...now lets give em hell!
by Cyber Ghost March 21, 2004
Black Jews. Combination of "Hebrew" and "bro"
Josh is a Hebro.
by Cyber Ghost March 10, 2004
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