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3 definitions by Custhburgh

In missouri when you wait till the second date to whip out your junk. that is taking it slow cause men are just incredibly hot the further south you go in missouri. Men usually wait for a while after dating to whip out their junk, but not in missouri. the girls are begging for the average missouri man junk.
Josh: "Dude! I just got done with my first date with Julia!"
Philip: "Oh dude...did you bang her yet?"
Josh: "Im gonna go with the missouri baby step!"
Philip: "oh shit dawg! you watin till dat second date to whip that shit out? You own that man! go for it!"
by Custhburgh September 18, 2008
13 11
When a man inserts only his balls in a girls vagina and then jacks off on her face.
She got the old Reginold Fairfield pulled on her.
by Custhburgh April 01, 2006
8 9
The act of jamming ones toe into a femals vagina.
Philip: "dude...my hoe dont wanna get on ma kawk tonight. what should I do?"
Josh: "dude...just do the toe jammer! She will love it and there is no protection involved."
Philip: "she said she would go for it! she aint gonna get no babies dat way!"
by Custhburgh September 18, 2008
2 4