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A member of one of several hundred Christian denominations who all agree that the the Bible is the literal word of God, but don't agree with each other. See fundamentalist, fucktard
Q. What religion are you, Reformed Baptist?
A. No, they're going to Hell(tm). I'm a Sovergn Grace Baptist.
by Cuntoleezza Rice November 10, 2006
The anal cavity of an inmate, so named for its ability to smuggle valuables into a prision or stash them for safe keeping. Due to "recreational activity" prisoners often leave with a larger prison wallets than when they arrive.
Prison life bound to be dull, but due to years of fisting the convict managed to bring 3 kilos of smack and a boombox in his prison wallet.
by Cuntoleezza Rice February 01, 2007
Illicit items concealed in the vagina.
The drug-sniffing dog continued to sniff the woman's crotch, revealing the cuntraband.
by Cuntoleezza Rice November 10, 2006
A Fundamentalist Christian evangelist fucktard and supporter of presidential candidate John McCain. Like Baptist preacher Fred Phelch, Hagee believes hurricane Katrina was caused by God’s wrath about gays in New Orleans. Hagee also called Catholic Church the Great Whore of the Apocalypse, although we all know they’re just a fraternity of kid diddlers.
John Hagee wouldn’t know what a great whore was if he was sitting on her face.
by Cuntoleezza Rice May 18, 2008
Tea made from a used tampon, as depicted in Catherine Breillat's 2004 film, Anatomy of Hell.
"This might go better with some crumpets", he exclaimed as he sipped the tampon tea.
by Cuntoleezza Rice February 01, 2007
An exaggerated or falsified account of sexual activity, usually involving an alleged conquest by the story teller.
Her undeserved reputation as a slut was the result of countless fucktitious stories repeated in the locker room.
by Cuntoleezza Rice January 15, 2007
The white trash high school dropout father of Sarah Palin's out-of-wedlock grandchild. Mr. Johnston is currently estranged from Palin's daughter Bristol Palin and is negotiating a photo shoot to display his weiner on Playgirl.com.
I asked Bristol Palin what she every saw in Levi Johnston. She replied "well, mainly his Moose Meat. He has a really big one, you know. Just wait until you see it on Playgirl.com."
by Cuntoleezza Rice November 07, 2009

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