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The act of tattooing "My Heart Will Go On," made famous from the 11 time Academy Award winning film "Titanic", above ones genitals... Then ending sexual relations with ones partner by ejaculating on their face and then revealing another tattoo under the shaft that reads "YOUR FACE."
Leonardo Di'Caprio expresses his love of painting on faces by removing his pants and performing "The Celine Dion" in a scene from the "Titanic." He says, "I want to paint you."
#titanic #leonardo di'caprio #celine dion #face splurge #painting #tattoo #art #music #motorcycles #dogs
by CumDumpster February 07, 2012
a social adaptation which allows people who are less than innocent appear to be angels in front of authority figures, friends' parents, employers, peers etc. Basically, your modern "devil-in-disguise"
"She's got a socio-disguise, she charms her asshole parents and then buys weed with their money"

#socio #disguise #socio-disguise #social #angel #devil
by Cumdumpster March 06, 2006
someone who's eyes buldge out of their head looking like cocks!
shut the fuck up cockeyes
by cumdumpster February 06, 2003
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