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The hair on woman's ass, especially when it is surprisingly prominent, thick, or coarse.
Dude, how gross is that? We're going at it and I flip her over to plow the back 40, and she's got a total rump rug! Hair right up to her waistline!
by cubswin60611 August 04, 2010
The hand you use to wipe your butt, esp. for non-hand washers.
He came out of the bathroom and tried to give me a hug, and I said 'Don't touch me with that filthy Poop Claw!'
by Cubswin60611 November 27, 2010
When a girl "vajazzles" on her period.
She was so trailer that her Blood Diamonds were "monthly crusted."
by cubswin60611 December 25, 2011
Small bits of shit found in a sketchy chic's drawers.
Dude, we get home from Kelly's and she's all over me. I slide my hands under her mini, pull her skivvies down, and a bunch of smelly panty raisins fall out!
by Cubswin60611 July 10, 2010
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