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Common typo among people who like to insert many exclamation points to the end of a sentence, caused by accidentally releasing the Shift key before the 1 key, and sending the message without previewing it to realize the typo had been made.

Often used on purpose to make fun of such accidents and the people who make them, or as part of leetspeak.

A similar but less-joked-about occurrence is the tendency to insert backslashes after a string of question marks.
I DON'T BELIEVE IT!!!!!!!!!!11111

ARE YOU JOKING????????///
by CtrlAltDestroy August 16, 2005
1. Term used to sarcastically describe the state of having escaped the level boundaries of a video game.
2. The glitched result or area outside of a room where such an act is possible.

The term was first coined to describe the glitched areas of the original Metroid game for NES, caused by leaving rooms in the wrong directions (where no doors existed) and causing the game to load data in an order that was never meant to happen in the normal course of gameplay.

The term was made popular by the discovery of holes in wall collision detection in the Nintendo Gamecube game Metroid Prime, which allowed players to walk around outside loaded rooms, view far-away scenery up close, and experience the unique physics and glitches of such an act.

Although the term Secret World is used mainly in the context of Metroid games, it is often applied to any game where the opportuntiy to escape clipping exists.
The discovery of Secret World 5 in Omega research proved that it was possible to find a Secret World in a room with a ceiling.
by CtrlAltDestroy August 16, 2005
(variant of "multitask")

To simultaneously perform all aspects of a given job. Usually used in reference to a fast-paced workplace when an employee is abandoned by all of his or her co-workers and forced to get the entire job done alone.

For example, an employee working at a fast food restaurant all alone must juggle taking an order, performing the cash transaction, making the food, dressing the food, packaging the food, and filling drinks all at the same time to minimize the total time taken to complete the order - when each of these different tasks is normally assigned to a separate person.
At night, I run this entire place myself. I don't just multitask, I have to omnitask.
by CtrlAltDestroy September 18, 2006
A remake or remix of the first episode in a series (usually a video game series) which usually creates many new interpretations of the old elements, dramatically adds depth to the plot, and employs quality, technique, and style which evolved since, but were not present in, the first episode.

Most of today’s popular video game series were first developed for archaic video game systems such as the Commodore 64 or the NES, which didn’t look all that great compared to today’s technology. Because of this, if you go back to play the first game in any given series, you will probably find simple and unimpressive (and sometimes poorly-made) graphics, controls, level design, and music. A good plot was also hard to find back then, often only existing in the instruction manual which accompanied the game.

As technology improved, many of the games developed sequels and turned into series. These sequels built upon their predecessors, employing an increasingly more impressive style and technique with each new release. As each series became more and more fleshed out, similarities to their premiere games became more and more unrecognizable.

Zero Missions are an increasingly popular fad in video game development today. The idea behind a Zero Mission is to revisit the basic premise of the premiere game, this time in drastically better style of the game’s sequels. A Zero Mission will almost always employ similar level design (not identical level design, but design full of obvious references), remixed music, and improved graphics to its predecessor. Also, storyline and plot aspects (especially aspects which were introduced into the series after the premiere game) are usually executed and explained more clearly than the first time around.

A Zero Mission is not simply a port with improved graphics, it adds just as much to the series as the other sequels have.
Metroid Zero Mission, a remake of the famous classic Metroid for the NES, seemed to start the growing fad of remaking games in the style of their sequels.
by CtrlAltDestroy March 10, 2006

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