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Easily one of the top 5 bands of the last 20 years, if not the best. To lump them in with '80s hair metal is to do them a disservice. Guns n' Roses is a hard rock band. Best known for the songs "November Rain" and "Welcome To The Jungle," their first album Appetite For Destruction is the best selling debut of all time. The intro guitar riff for "Sweet Child o Mine" is recognized as one of the greatest ever. The band formed in LA in 1985, playing the Hollywood clubs before being signed. Their original lineup was:

W.Axl Rose - Vocals
Slash - Lead Guitar
Izzy Stradlin - Rhythm Guitar
Duff McKagan - Bass Guitar
Steven Adler - Drums

Adler was replaced by Matt Sorum from The Cult, and Gilby Clarke replaced Izzy when he left. Dizzy Reed was added for keyboard duty.

The band was effectively broken up by 1995 or possibly before, with most members pursuing other projects and Axl carrying on the Guns n' Roses name with a new cast of musicians. Slash, Duff, and Matt formed Velvet Revolver with Scott Weiland (ex STP).
It is music's great loss that the band collapsed under the weight of its member's egos, as many predicted that they could have been this generation's Rolling Stones. Perhaps an unlikely Aerosmith-type reunion could still occur, but if not, Guns n' Roses' music will stand the test of time and serve as a testament to the brilliance they showed during their '87-'93 heydey.
Do yourself a favor and check out "Rocket Queen," one of Guns n' Roses' lesser known gems. The style shift in the guitar work toward the end of the song is excellent and totally seamless...
by Crew Middle Fork November 15, 2004
Arguably the most awesome individual to ever walk the Earth. Everything Uncle Jesse did, be did it sweet. A typical day might include: styling hair with mousse and Mr. Goodpart, wearing tight jeans and cowboy boots, riding a harley, shredding on guitar with his band The Rippers, putting Danny and Joey in their place, and teaching DJ, Stephanie, and Michelle lessons in morality. Then banging Becky and combing hair again.
Uncle Jesse kicks ass AND has morals (and sweet hair)...
by Crew Middle Fork November 21, 2004
When you make a trade that makes everyone else in the league say "Fucking A!" Phrase originally coined by Oakland A's GM Billy Beane. Applicable in any major league sport, fantasy sports, or to the average fan whose team makes a stupid, or savvy, trade.
KC Royals Idiot: "I just traded Johnny Damon to the A's for two no-name minor leaguers!"

Slightly Smarter KC Royals Moron: "Fucking A!"
by Crew Middle Fork December 01, 2004
An 18-pack of canned beer. When carried at one's side it resembles the size and shape of a chainsaw.
We're all out of beer. Head over to Pinecove and grab a couple chainsaws of Bud Light.
by Crew Middle Fork July 19, 2005
The Power Play is a 24-pack of beer cans. It is the big brother to the Chainsaw.
Beer is needed. Go forth and purchase a Power Play of Coors Light. A chainsaw is not enough.
by Crew Middle Fork July 19, 2005
A Wakeboarding manuever in which the boat's driver navigates the boat back across its own previously created wake. The current wake and the wave created by the old wake come together to momentarily make one enormous wake, which the rider hits to achieve massive air. The path of the boat roughly approximates the letter P, starting at the bottom and crossing the wake heading left.
Bonifay's half-cab double backroll off the Double Up is the sickest move around...
by Crew Middle Fork August 24, 2004
The most dominant ROTO baseball team ever assembled, without collusion, via skilled drafting, shrewd trades, and timely waiver acquisitions. The team took the lead in its 12 team league in mid-April and never looked back, finishing a dominating 20.5 points ahead of the runner-up. Its murderous batting lineup finished 1st in 5 of 6 offensive categories (R, HR, RBI, AVG, OPS) and 2nd in steals. Its dominant pitchers carried the team to 1st in ERA and WHIP, 2nd in SAVES and HOLDS, and 5th in WINS and K's. The indomitable lineup, in its optimal form, was as follows:

C: Brian McCann, ATL
1B: Albert Pujols, StL
2B: Chase Utley, PHI
3B: Aramis Ramirez, CHC
SS: Jose Reyes, NYM
OF: Lance Berkman, HOU
OF: Carlos Lee, TEX
OF: Matt Holiday, COL
UT: Troy Glaus, TOR
Bench: Hideki Matsui, NYY; Jason Varitek, BOS; Corey Patterson, BAL; Kevin Youkilis, BOS; Juan Rivera LAA

SP: Roy Halladay, TOR
SP: Andy Pettitte, HOU
SP: Jered Weaver, LAA
RP: BJ Ryan, TOR
RP: Akinori Otsuka, TEX
RP: Tom Gordon, PHI
P: Todd Jones, DET
P: Joel Zumaya, DET
P: John Lackey, LAA
Bench: Esteban Loaiza, Jon Lester, Mike Stanton

Carlos Lee was acquired in June for Pat Burrell and Ken Griffey Jr. to solidify and streamline the lineup.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the greatest ROTO team of all time!!! Wooooo!!
Man, there is no way we can compete with the Toxic Megacolons. That team is a juggernaut!
by Crew Middle Fork December 06, 2006
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