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A plot of a movie that was clearly an afterthought after special effects, all-star cast, elaborate fight scenes, etc.
The second Transformers movie wowed us with giant robots, badass battle scenes, and explosions, but we walked out of there wondering what the hell the movie was about. Totally an afterplot!
by CreepyTastik July 05, 2011
Noun: A Japanese name, usually a guy's name, that means "victory". The English version of this name would be Victor, or Victoria.
I met this cute guy named Katsu. He told me his name means "victory." I thought that was really badass!
by Creepytastik September 04, 2011
Noun: The sad result of wearing a sports bra, or wire-free bra under a form-fitting or light-colored shirt. This makes your boobs look frumpy and shapeless, and resembles a cow's saggy udder instead of an attractive woman's chest.
Anyone under the age of 80 shouldn't wear soft bras. Young women are too cool for cow boobs.

Lisa made the terrible mistake of wearing a sports bra under a light yellow top. She hopes no one noticed her cow boobs.
by Creepytastik September 03, 2011
Noun: The sudden urge to go on Google and look up everything you're curious about.
Last night I was on the internet looking up everything from Aztecs to zoology. I think I've been bitten by the Google bug!
by Creepytastik September 09, 2011
Noun: Pants, usually jeans, that are so worn out from wear and tear that the knees are completely torn out, there's strips of denim hanging of of them, and the crotch is starting to rip. They get their name because they look like they should already be in the trash can.
Anna: Dude, you're still wearing your trash can pants? I thought you pitched them a long time ago!

Tom: Well, I think they're cool! It's my fashion statement!

Anna: Fashion statement my ass! You look like you've been dumpster diving!
by Creepytastik September 07, 2011
Noun: The amount of butt crack that could potentially peek out when wearing certain clothing.
Before you wear a form-fitting shirt with low rise jeans, be sure to check the butt factor.

Plumbers don't seem to care about the butt factor.
by Creepytastik September 05, 2011
European pastries that aren't moist enough or sweet enough; they are dry and flavorless, and they crumble like dust.
Everything at the Polish bakery looked delicious, but it all tasted like Eurodust.
by CreepyTastik January 27, 2012
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