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The fashion crime of wearing a denim shirt with denim jeans and denim jacket, hence the triple denim disaster. Most likely to be sported by Jeremy Clarkson.
Fashion Police 1: Oh God, there's Clarkson again!
Fashion Police Rooky: Oh my god! Is that-?
Fashion Police 1: That's right kid. The Triple Denim Disaster!
Fashion Police Rooky: It...burns!!!
by CrazyAxer August 05, 2009
The catchphrase of the character Eric from Boy Meets World as he addresses poor old Mr Feeney. Eric also once made a customized doll that played this phrase when you pulled its string.
Eric: Feeney? Is that you?
Mr. Feeney: Maybe if I'm quiet he'll go away.
Eric: Feeney! Fee-hee-hee-heeneh! Dog!
by CrazyAxer August 05, 2009
The midgets (duh) who are employed soley to help lazy people masturbate. They are sometimes used by creepy people who aren't lazy, just creepy, as in the song by Mindless Self Indulgence called I Hate Jimmy Page.
Joe: "I'll show ya how Official Midgets jack me off....."
Dave: "Dude, what the fuck are you singing???"
Joe: "Huh? Oh, MSI's song."
Dave: "...if you sing that again, I'm going to brain you."
by CrazyAxer September 27, 2009
Meaning sorry but with a fun 'p' added in.
Sporry Zoe. And yes, I noticed I mispelled sorry, went to correct it, then decided I liked sporry better.
by CrazyAxer September 02, 2009
A saying cried by helpless people who have just completed a traumatic hiking experience involving masturbating retards and tent-loving gang-bangers.
"I'm sorry Zoe, it was the woods! The Woods!"

"Hey Joe, ya wanna come to our orgy?"
"No...no more gang-banging, please!"
"Dude, what's wrong with him?"
"The....The WOODS!"
by CrazyAxer September 27, 2009
The very important trunk that Cory from Boy Meets World brings with him when moving into his new college dorm. The trunk contains all his frozen desserts and more!
Sean: So Core, got everything?
Cory: Sure, just let me go grab my pudding trunk.
by CrazyAxer August 05, 2009
The dance performed after two childish teenagers finish their chocolaty pudding, involving the wibbling of the arms in a side-to-side motion and overly-enthusiastic facial expressions.
Mother left the room. The second she was gone, Tom and Agatha were performing the Chocolate Dessert Dance until their asses fell off!
by CrazyAxer August 05, 2009

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