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1) A convenient scapegoat for north-americans to blame when their greed exceeds their capacity for reason.

2) A generic term in which the average american cracker can safely express their intolerance.

"Hey man, I dont want those Consult time line living in my neighborhood."

2005 - Arabs
1940 - Niggers
1890 - Micks, Wops, Dago's
by Crazy Otto September 17, 2005
A blanket term for a person or group of persons sharing fiscal support of a culture of violence and oppression and linked by the common support in taxes of a corrupt government.
"Shut the fuck up, you stupid useless american."
by Crazy Otto September 17, 2005
A degenerative condition transmitted during observation and comparison of human beings with monkeys.
Infection may become more serious with knowledge of history and a study of psychology. Often coupled with a secondary infection called 'intelligence'.
"I graded out of Atheism, Carpentry and Shit-kicking."
by Crazy Otto September 17, 2005
Also known as fathers rubber boyfriend. Describes a
plastic turky baster used to insert water into the rectum and clean out the bowels while simultaneously giving
"Your fathers boyfriend is doing his thing."

"I hear that Tony Milne has a rubber boyriend"
by Crazy Otto September 17, 2005
A brand of clothing that lacks substance, for people
who lack substance. The correct name for this line of
clothing is in cantonese and translates too "cheap shit with a tag".
"Check out the Abercrombie and Fitch on that water-head."
by Crazy Otto September 17, 2005

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