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Slang for a gun, but not that you wiggas care, it actually comes from the prohibition era, usually referencing the Thompson (Tommy) gun. Its doesnt come from rap or California. Sorry boyz.
How you importing the whiskey from canada? With balls of steel and some boys with gats.
by Crayola February 16, 2005
a pretty small little town, where everyone knows your name. it'd be a hick town if it wasnt for Abbotsford and Langley on each side of it making is more populated!
where's aldergrove?
we just went through it!
by crayola July 12, 2004
Move now, get out of here, move your bottom please.
Gardener to flock of distructive birds: vamoose you darn birds!!
by crayola March 30, 2004
1.) pull out your weapon!
2.) artfully, or not artfully sketching on one material with another. often pencil on paper.
1.) ready, set, DRAW!! (bang bang bang!)
2.) Can you please sit in this chair so i can draw you for my art project?
by crayola March 30, 2004
a poser.
someone who is tries hard, but still doesnt get it.
someone who brags tremendously about thier doings, but it's all a lie to make them look better.
He's got a big hat, but no cattle.
by crayola March 29, 2004
The meal generally aten last in the day, around 6:00 pm. sometimes steak, sometimes potatoes, sometimes burgers, sometimes carrots, sometimes bread and butter. But often chicken. mmm chicken.
We had supper and then watched the evening movie.
by crayola March 28, 2004
skip the fluff, tell whats important.
Georgie: bla bla bla bla bla
Reese: Cut to the quick Georgie, i havent got all day.
by crayola March 30, 2004
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