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Different brands of cheap ass beer with pictures of different wild animals on their cans, eg: Schmidt, Buckhorn, and Rheinlander. I don't know if they even brew this shit any more.
All that animal beer last night gave me the beer shits.
by Crapholio August 12, 2005
Nickname for Lake Havasu in Arizona. A popular spring break destination for west coast college students where they go out on a boat, get drunk, and screw.
Dad: "Son, you going to Lake Havascrew
for spring break?"
Son: "Of course Dad."
Dad: "Don't forget to wrap up."
Son: "Why?"
Dad: "I don't want you coming home with
a bunch of ulcers and warts on
your junk like I did when I was
your age."
by Crapholio August 03, 2005
A bitch-ass great album by ZZ Topp from 1975. The first half of the album was recorded live in New Orleans.
Fandango was pure ZZ Topp, before they sold out to MTV in the early 80's.
by Crapholio July 06, 2005
When you take such a huge dump that the poop piles up in the shape of a pyramid. The tip of the pyramid sticks out above the toilet waterline, filling the bathroom with a foul smell.
I often do a courtesy flush to avoid forming a poop pyramid.
by crapholio September 07, 2005
San Diego--geographically situtated in the lowest southern-most part of Cali. Acronym for Lower California. Even further south than socal.
"socal is great, but I like to vacation in local because it gets me further away from nocal."
by Crapholio July 22, 2005
Jail or Prison. Where you get sent when you do bad things.
I had to spend some time in the hole for snatching that bitches purse.
by Crapholio August 10, 2005
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