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5 definitions by Crankster531

Rediculously drunk... and text messaging at the same time... these words come about while frune.
I am so frune its not funny.
by Crankster531 November 25, 2006
10 4
The act of smoking large amounts of weed.
Im so worling right now.
Can we start the worling.
by Crankster531 November 24, 2006
13 10
Drunk beyond belief. Can also be substituted for cranksed at any given time.
I am so frune right now - me
You're what -Haley
haha, drunk - me
by Crankster531 November 26, 2006
3 4
To be completely high; higher than you have ever been.
(From the word bowled except typed on a computer when extremely cranksed)
I am so worled right now, and I ate all of the green bean casserole.
by Crankster531 November 24, 2006
2 3
To be extremely drunk.
(From the word Crunk but typed incorrectly while being worled and cranksed.)
We're getting so cranksed tonight.
I hope we can get cranksed.
i am so cranksed right now.
by Crankster531 November 24, 2006
0 3