32 definitions by Cracker

Very German Child
Hitler is ruf
by cracker November 11, 2003
The ninja's mouth Was incogneto from the Mask.
by Cracker October 13, 2003
The name of a huge asshat.
n3rv is an asshat.
by cracker December 18, 2003
A man or a woman's private parts.
"Yeah man, he plays with his pipidoo all day long."

"She likes to play with her pipidoo."
by cracker November 05, 2003
something extraordinarily funny causing one to laugh uncontrollably.
"Why did the Chicken cross the road" To get to the other side! YAAAAGGGIIIEEEE!!!!!!!1
by Cracker May 13, 2004
a whac poster who thinks he is the fucking bomb
damn did u see besmitch new post its whac.
by cracker August 23, 2003
A kewl ass who looks at porno of ure mom on the internet
Phillip is a snip diwdle.
by Cracker March 29, 2003

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