32 definitions by Cracker

last name, don't confuse it with "go down", (meaning oral sex), get it straight
oh yeah, Ashley Godown is a cool chick!
by cracker June 05, 2004
A white guy who plays like he's black.
Look at that Steve run. He's another white chocolate!!
by Cracker April 01, 2005
1. Fucked up
2. mad wack
Yo dude thats mad grimmy.
by cracker March 17, 2005
WWII game, one of the best.
by Cracker August 27, 2003
a stank hoe who hangs out at the Laundry mat and blows homeless midgets for three fifty
your mothers a pandersnatch
by cracker July 20, 2003
Georg W. Bush is another way of saying Osama's Bitch.
Hey theres osamas bitch,
Oh you mean Bush!
by Cracker January 06, 2005
ja rule
ja rule likes little boys
by cracker July 20, 2003
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