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an eskimo who acts like a nigger.

similar to 'wigger' and 'chigger'.
"yo those guys at that igloo called me their brother, they were a couple of eskiggers!"
by count December 05, 2003
A female tease that will tongue down you and all your friends, but wont go any further.
Vinnie was all proud he tongued down Katie, but actually it's no big thing, she's just a GoHo.
by Count February 03, 2004
another word for cat.

mostly just used by me.
"this place is packed, you couldnt swing a febuse!"

"man, I'm sorry your febuse got ran over"
by count December 05, 2003
slang for 'police'. often used during high speed car chases or when playing grand theft auto.

see police, cops
"oh shit, its the shitters!"

"running over that pedestrian has attracted the attention of the shitters"

"we'd better split before the shitters get here"
by count December 05, 2003
an even more elite way of saying 'situation wrapup'. mostly used by 12 year old asian kids playing some online game in an internet cafe.

also: the act of rapping while sitting down, possibly on the toilet.
"deathscythe84, give me a sitrap on our base defense!"


"yo, Imabout to drop a fresh sitrap for 'yall"
by count December 05, 2003
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