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n. Condition of someone having morals, possibly even very fine ones, but tending to leak or spill them at times, often under the influence of alcohol or other substances. Creates an offensive, embarrassing odour and requires washing.

Some would argue that those who display moral incontinence don't actually have morals any more but merely remember them well.
That prank in the nightclub was another fine display of moral incontinence.

I'm afraid that over the years the dear Captain has become morally incontinent.
by Cotedor July 28, 2009
A Crystallised Methamphetamine (Ice) user.

From the famous case of ABC Foreign Correspondent Peter Lloyd who was arrested in Singapore and found to have Meth in his possession and in his bloodstream.
His CV looked great but he had that lean, edgy look of a Foreign Correspondent about him. So I hired the buxom lass instead.
by Cotedor July 22, 2009
(Chiefly Aus.) Presumably a clown's rectum or perhaps corridor.

A general-purpose throwaway insult.
Send in the clowns, through the clownpassage.

Please call Colin a clownpassage from me.
by Cotedor July 24, 2009

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