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In homosexual culture, a person of any gender who is LGBT and is friends with another person who is LGBT.
"Hi mate, are you going to see your griends tonight?"

"Yes, we'll probably just watch a movie tonight, I went drinking with a griend last night"
by CosmicDolphin April 27, 2010
In homosexual culture, when a male (usually middle aged or older) spends time on their own in a gay club, in the darkness watching the dancers.
"Did you see that oddly dressed, not particulay handsome old man looking at me at Ng1, the gay club we went to last night?"

"Oh yes, he was glurkiNg1"
by CosmicDolphin April 26, 2010
In homosexual culture, a heterosexual male or female who happens to be friends with and socialize with another person, or people, who are LGBT. A contraction of "gay friendly"
"Will that person feel alright spending time with us LGBT people, even though they are not LGBT themselves?"

"Of course! They are griendly!"
by CosmicDolphin April 27, 2010

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