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1) a sex act done under a morbidly obese woman, similar to the Western Whormelt, but this will be done with her legs propped behind her head 2) full definition, the male enters the womans anus from behind, spins himself upside down and wedges himself under her gearth, as he fights for air the erotic asphyxiation causes a heighten state of panicked arousal, and an explosive ejaculant can be achieved

any number of partners may be added the limit is only in ones imagination, but remember if additional partners are added the name is changed to properly represent the situation, Double Cleavin, Triple Cleavin, Octocleave even the elusive AutoCleave "i've seen it done" example below

first mentioned in an episode of "family guy" as a dirty word

also can be spelled Kleavin, from the root word cleave : to adhere firmly and closely or loyally and unwaveringly
Becky gave up the the cleavin last night, you can see Jim's jizz on the fan blades, he vomited all over the duvet

Roberta the superfat hermaphrodite almost died AutoCleavin with her cock up her butt and her boob in her mouth, that biker dude just happened to hear the commotion and broke into the window to save her, or was it to ass rape her before he left town, not sure but both happened
by Cosmic Pope October 29, 2010
1) the act of creating something out of nothing
2) the endeavor to do something impossible
Davids godulation is remarkable, seeing how he has been writing that book for three years

to godulate is not easy, one must practice the art of alchemy but even then your at lease taking one thing and changing it, to truly godulate one must produce something out of thing air
by Cosmic Pope October 29, 2010
1) to rub spices on ones genitals to heighten sex play 2) to masturbate with chemicals known to irritate the mucus membranous tissue found in the genitals
James Gingerfuked the bottle of icy hot; Kola likes frappin it up with Vick's vapor rub shes such a gingerfuk, that gingerfuk Tony finds the only way he could keep it hard is to Gingerfuk Ce-Ce with a candy cane soaked in rum
by Cosmic Pope October 27, 2010
1) To flagellate ones genitals 2) to masturbate in a rape like fashion 3) to attack ones own penis/vigina in a personal act of selflove; also spelled Mastrate in certain circles

originated in a PowerQuee song titled: Beatin it Off in a Darken Room
that N-Word Jim nearly lost his dong mastraiting under the pull out couch; Joey's a heavy Mastraitor when ever his sister comes into town; in my coven we mastrait to PowerQuee Lyrics while Jeff the high exalted one shoots his load over us like in that movie: American Pie Naked Mile; that gutter tripe Liz was arrested for public mastraition in the park last week!
by Cosmic Pope October 27, 2010
1) observer of a dumb religion, also spelled shushite 2) followers of the LDS, ICOC and JW cults
what kind of shoeshite believes the matrix is real?; wow Mormons, what shoeshites; David joined the "Heavens gates revisited" church last weekend thats cats a total Shoeshite
by Cosmic Pope October 27, 2010
a Class A Idiot

now before we get carried away thinking this word is new, very much not, i'ts said in 100's of classic TV shows and movies, from Stooges to Gleason, in the three Stooges its been used in the same way we use it today, they even went so far as to use it as the names of characters
Moe Howard as Dr. Mook Schlepper
by Cosmic Pope July 24, 2010
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