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Someone who speaks indirectly and bowdlerizes. One who beats around the bush.
The opposite of a "mealy mouth" is a "smash mouth", someone who "tells it like it is".
by LudwigVan February 01, 2005
Timid and frail of action to the point of being highly irritating. Lacking in action. No back-bone. Passive. Submissive. Perceived as a "sweet" person. A term mostly applied to women (by other women) who will neither engage in straight conversation nor take action.
The character of Melanie (Hamilton) Wilkes in the old movie Gone With The Wind. As Scarlett would say, "That mealy mouth Melanie...."
by BBS June 29, 2006
Someone who rubs you the wrong way, is being difficult or argumentative out of boredom.
Guy A: Geez don't you hate it when you're getting off an elevator and people start walking in to get on before you get off, how rude.

Guy B: Oh, that doesn't bother me.

Guy C: what a fucking mealy mouth

by Matty Jo Jo September 29, 2006
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