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by Cosmic Pope October 29, 2010
1) short for "Shit You Say" normally punctuated as an exclamated question 2) credulity 3) are you serious? 4) forget that mess 5) Bullshit you are saying

its not always a question but is always punctuated with a the classic "!?" or "?!"
shitusay there was bestiality at the party?!; shitusay this is decaf?!; Arnold Schwarzenegger became Governor? shitusay!? that N-Word Jim ate all the waffels? shitusay, and you did not murk that fool!?
by Cosmic Pope October 27, 2010
1) the act of aggressively stealing another's pubic hair to replenish your own 2) to snack off someones pubic to produce a wig or fill out ones own missing pubic hair

root word Merkin: History: The Oxford Companion to the Body dates the origin of the pubic wig to 1450. Women would shave their pubic hair and wear a merkin to combat pubic lice, and prostitutes would wear them to cover up signs of disease, such as syphilis

According to The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language the term stems from a corruption of the obsolete word malkin, meaning a lower-class woman or mop, which is derived from a diminutive of the personal name Mary

Root word Faust: Faust or Faustus (Latin for "auspicious" or "lucky") is the protagonist of a classic German legend. Though a highly successful scholar, he is unsatisfied, and makes a deal with the devil, exchanging his soul for unlimited knowledge and worldly pleasures.
i've been a victim of merkinfaust, that bitch Vicky snatched off all my pubes!; that merkinfaustin motha f#(&er tried to put his hands down my pants again; shit you say Kelly merkinfaust'd you; tonight is the perfect night for merkinfaust, pants less fridays at O'herlihy's
by Cosmic Pope October 27, 2010
1) a derogatory term for Someone who Worships the Pope does not have to be a Catholic

the term Papid came about due to all of the hero worship people would give the pope as he would enter towns ans nations, the Pope is not Jesus Relax Papids
Jeff is not a Christian nor a catholic, but has a shrines to every pope since Pope Gregory the III; if one worships the man who is pope and in contrast to the God who the the Pope worships and serves he is a Papid; get off my lawn you "expletive deleted" PAPID!; those damn papids are ruining the white-house; what do you call a papid with a job? a f'kin papid!
by Cosmic Pope October 26, 2010
a Class A Idiot

now before we get carried away thinking this word is new, very much not, i'ts said in 100's of classic TV shows and movies, from Stooges to Gleason, in the three Stooges its been used in the same way we use it today, they even went so far as to use it as the names of characters
Moe Howard as Dr. Mook Schlepper
by Cosmic Pope July 24, 2010
1) very large Herpes know at times to explode during sex
Jubjub: Fuck you!

Becky: no, no, their just King herps

Jubjub: i know bitch Kyle died fucking a bitch with King Herps blew his dick into his skull
by Cosmic Pope August 07, 2011
1) Mother Fucking Fantastic

it is far better than fantastic its a little better than fucking fantastic, so its Fantabidozi

SNL S35E04 Gerard Butler use a word sounding like this, but i don't car from here on this is it and how it will be spelled `
Bill: hun dinner tonight was Fantabidozi

Ellin: seriously honey no swearing at the dinner table
by Cosmic Pope August 07, 2011

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