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23 definitions by Cosmic Pope

1) short for "Shit You Say" normally punctuated as an exclamated question 2) credulity 3) are you serious? 4) forget that mess 5) Bullshit you are saying

its not always a question but is always punctuated with a the classic "!?" or "?!"
shitusay there was bestiality at the party?!; shitusay this is decaf?!; Arnold Schwarzenegger became Governor? shitusay!? that N-Word Jim ate all the waffels? shitusay, and you did not murk that fool!?
by Cosmic Pope October 27, 2010
1) a derogatory term for Someone who Worships the Pope does not have to be a Catholic

the term Papid came about due to all of the hero worship people would give the pope as he would enter towns ans nations, the Pope is not Jesus Relax Papids
Jeff is not a Christian nor a catholic, but has a shrines to every pope since Pope Gregory the III; if one worships the man who is pope and in contrast to the God who the the Pope worships and serves he is a Papid; get off my lawn you "expletive deleted" PAPID!; those damn papids are ruining the white-house; what do you call a papid with a job? a f'kin papid!
by Cosmic Pope October 26, 2010
1) originally the Alabama crab dangle

2) a sex act where the woman standing with hands pressed firmly agents the wall for leverage, and the male enters the anus of the woman spins himself upside down he hooks his heels under her armpit he curls himself up and under her body and presses his lips firmly over her vagina cuppingly and hovers her till they both reach climax

this may be attempted by homosexuals but that is known as the Alabama Ball Wrangle only differs by cupping the testiculs with the mouth

the Alabama crab dangle has lost its meaning as originally defined by Tim Meadows, and Dennis McNicholas for the movie "The Ladies Man 2000" so its name was changed to the Western Whormlet
David got the western Whormlet and after it all Kate scatted his Jizz into his face
by Cosmic Pope October 29, 2010
1) he who will usher in the Cosmic Christ
2) me like a dude who sits around eating crap and writing stupid junk on Urban Dictionary i'm like all where and all where is like where i'm at all the time, i'm sitting behind you and at the same time in your kitchen raiding your fridge. the Cosmic Pope is the next generation of Alchemist we create words and thought out of nothing and place them into your head where they shall live till you die
that dude Grevo is so bloody awesome he's cosmic poppin it up cosmic pope and shit
by Cosmic Pope October 29, 2010
1) a fan of Harry Potter but in an annoying way 2) one who relentlessly quotes or references Harry Potter
i had to leave the party last night, it was inundated by pottertoads
by Cosmic Pope October 27, 2010
one who is deeply in love or truly digs the cosmic pope as expressed by the PowerQuee
that dude Grevo is so bloody awesome he's cosmic poppin it up cosmic pope and shit
by Cosmic Pope October 29, 2010
a dangerous cult started by a crazy batch of mislead people in Boston, the name ICOC is short for the International Cults of Christ or International Churches of Christ, but its far from a church and could not Identify Christ if he walked in it's doors and raised the dead which defines all of their members, the all seem to be dead, no spirit can be found in their services, and the power of Christ and the holy spirit seems not to function in their presence, a sad group of schmoes, thank you for reading
those wild eyed hobos out back eating their own poo, and running into walls seem a bit ICOC to me stay away from them
by Cosmic Pope October 29, 2010