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a piece of cloth you grab at the point of climax, reagardless of what it is.
"mum, thers a funny lukin stain on my napkin"

"craig, dont ever use a napkin as a convenience rag again!"
by corpsio October 08, 2005
someone whom you would prefer not to look at for the precise reason that she is so ugly it might cause severe retinal damage.
she is fuckin gapin!
by corpsio October 08, 2005
when one is considerably intoxicated with ALCOHOL.
"5 cans of cider and you'll be singin m8"
by corpsio October 08, 2005
a word one would use when addressing HRH Queen Elizabeth II or any British queen.
Queen: congratulations on successfully achieving knighthood.

some toffee-nosed twat: thank you ma'am.
by corpsio October 08, 2005
a garment of clothing or a handtowell used to wipe up one's wank juice after a five-knuckle shuffle.
"craig you mad ed, dont throw your crusty jam rag at me! Oh great, now the dogs licking it!"
by corpsio October 08, 2005
1. A person who does not believe in a deity, but still has the common courtesy not to deliberately confront those with views that differ from his/hers.

2. Narrow minded, arrogant little bigots who offend those that believe in a god and devote there time trying to disprove religion, but funnily enough, strangely quiet when Christmas roll's around.
"Do onto others as they would do onto you"

That is all I ask of defintion 2 atheists (including Ant).
by Corpsio January 24, 2006
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