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The act of inserting ones tongue into another persons' ass.
I asked Tim to tongue jam my fart box, but he knew I just wanted to shit on his face.
by Coron the Almighty May 17, 2009
A grade of "B" that is awarded during college. Compare to an Asian "A."
I got a nigger b, guess I should have studied.
by Coron the Almighty February 02, 2009
A pie made out of black people. While soilent green is made of people, a nigger pie is made only of black people.

Sometimes, a the grave of a black person is called a nigger pie.
I turned them niggers into nigger pie with my shank.
by Coron the Almighty August 14, 2009
The anal culture is a group of gay males who live straight lives with their wives, and enjoy anal sex on the side. Often referred to as the 'down low' in African American culture.
Jim is going to drop his kids off at school, then come over to enjoy my anal culture.
by Coron the Almighty May 17, 2009
A pregnant woman's breasts that secrete milk for non-consumption.
Jen's piss tits drip all over the bed when I grab them.
by Coron the Almighty January 26, 2009
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