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Still or moving images of farm machinery, often viewed in an obsessively-voyeuristic manner. Tractor porn is often associated with the chronic inability to achieve any set task or other meaningful productive output in one's work day.

Tractor porn (or TP) can be broken into different categories. Eg. Large Horsepower, Tractor Pulls, Combine Harvesters, Dump Trucks, Balers, Power Sprayers, Furrow Ploughs, Nut Harvesters, Thrashing Machines, Farm Tools (horse whips etc), PTO Shafts and Small Equipment etc.

In recent years, a global movement has been gaining momentum in the voyeurism of images of improvised mechanical "repairs".
That TPS report didn't get done because C.W. was downloading Tractor Porn all afternoon.

I couldn't get any work done because Mr. Corn wouldn't stop talking about the Tractor Porn he consumed whilst looking for useless "bargains" in the clearing sale listings.

He must be a Tractor Porn addict because the way he repaired that connection with cheap packing tape was reminiscent of how a farmer would repair his baler using nothing but twine.
by CornMan August 19, 2012
A Corndom is when you grill corn with a condom on it and it melts to the cob of corn making it invisible and you feed it to someone you dislike.
*At a Barbeque*
guy 1: Hasko is a fucking loser...

guy 2: so... feed him a corndom and we can all laugh at that fat piece of shit.
by cornman January 13, 2010
A term which attempts to take the natural weather pattern and attribute it to the activities of humans.

Heavily adopted recently for use to promote cave living, the idea that humans are a noxious virus on planet Earth, and the practice of greater separation between the rich and the poor.
I know the weather pattern is natural and everything we're experiencing now has been experienced before, but I still feel all warm, fuzzy and gay knowing that electricity companies are responsible for Climate Change and are being taxed accordingly because of it.

In Australia, I think we should have a Minister for Climate Change, and then maybe next week we can have a Minister for Gravity. "What goes up must come down" is becoming such an annoying fact that if we convince people that we made it so, we just might be able to change it.
by CornMan September 06, 2012

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