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3 definitions by Corey2008

Maker of luxury timepieces and desk clocks, with a history dating back to the late 19th century, their representative symbol being a pointed tuning fork (a throwback to their orignal watch designs which included miniature tuning forks to keep the time). A rather unknown brand, it is carried at finer big box retail stores like Dillards or Macys.
"What kind of watch is that?"
"It's a Bulova."
"That sounds expensive..."
by Corey2008 September 03, 2007
Carbonated beverage introduced by Coke around 2004, claimed to taste the same as regular Coke, with no calories or sugar, and made with the new sweetener Splenda. Arguably tastes not better than Diet Coke, but just has a different aftertaste.

This product was created in part for the new generation of soft drinks in America, as the cola companies phase out the term "diet" on all sodas, because of the taboo it evokes in preference for the term "zero" or "free"
"You drinking Diet Coke fatty?"
"No, its Coke Zero you ass."
by Corey2008 September 03, 2007
When you get talked into getting something, usually overpriced, that you didnt want or need because of a clever salesman.
"Look at this stainless steel pencil sharpener I just got from the SharperImage?"
"Dude.. how much.."
"Oh God you got salesmanned!"
by Corey2008 September 03, 2007