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A ska-core band started back in 1992. Originally, they were a punk band. After one indie record, they set camp at Epitaph Records and put out several good records. After their sax player quit in the early 2000's, and Epitaph dropped them from their line up, they moved to Victory records and put out one shitty record (Steady As She Goes) and one worth listening to (TRADICIÓN, ADICCIÓN, REVOLUCIÓN).
Good Christ, I miss the Voodoo Glow Skulls' sax player.
by Cop_eyed May 03, 2005
Fake name used by lead singer and bass player for NoFX. Say the name quick enough and end up with "My Crack Habit"
Yes officer, my name is Mike Rakhabit.
by Cop_eyed May 03, 2005
Guitar player in the band Leftover Crack, InDK, Choking Victim, Morning Glory. Also, a life long squatter.
That dude Ezra, he can wail.
by Cop_eyed May 03, 2005
Foolishness, being goofy.
That Professor Frink on The Simpsons is certainly up for some tomfoolery.
by Cop_eyed May 03, 2005
Running low on gas in your automobile.
While I was driving home, I noticed I was needle-fucking the e so I got some gas.
by Cop_eyed May 03, 2005

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