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3 definitions by CootieBooty

Someone who enjoys the act of sucking penis. A person who is an asshole and just tends to be a douche bag.
Kristina loves to suck any mans cock (Whore), There for, She is a Cock Whistle.
by CootieBooty February 02, 2009
Something my 4 year old cousin says out of humor, cause most people find it funny.
cousin: Crazy Vagina!
by CootieBooty February 02, 2009
1. A morbidly obese person, whose fat is so prominent cheese forms on the creased overlappings of excess skin. 2. A fat person whose main goal in life is being annoying. 3. An asshole 4. Something to say out of complete randomness. 5. A mixture of insults to add to your insult to make it more insulting.
Guy1: Dude you fuck pigs!

Guy2: Fuck you! You fucking fat cheesy fuck!

Guy1: Dude, calm down! Im sorry!
by CootieBooty February 02, 2009